Dysfunctional Breathing Technique

Breathing is intrinsic to life and our breathing ‘behaviour’ is at the heart and foundation of our body and mind’s health.

Breathing facilitates and governs internal chemistry, specifically the acid/base physiology.

This second by second respiratory regulation repeated on an average of 20,000 times a day, either creates a balanced state of homeostasis or leads to an imbalanced chemistry causing many ‘stress-related’ symptoms.

It is the stress in our daily lives that can lead us to this deregulating effect on our physiology and psychology. This stress can emerge from demands in the workplace, relationship issues, lack of or too much physical exercise, a poor diet or feeling overwhelmed by the pace of our lives.

This dysfunctional or over- breathing can lead to numerous symptoms such as headaches, asthma, sleep problems and anxiety to name but a few.

Correct breathing provides a self-management framework to restore balance, resilience and optimal functioning of the body’s natural healing ability.

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